Barefoot Pundit

Are You Really That Stupid or Just Evil

If you are paying attention to the whole Iran situation and you are a reasonably intelligent, fair minded person you have got to be wondering if the left is made up of evil people or just stupid ones.


Suddenly Donald Trump did a terrible thing by removing General Solemini who was a mass murderer and an instigator of revolt against legal governments throughout the Middle East.  According to the brilliant establishment people in Washington D.C. Mr. Trump should have gone to Congress for approval.  As Mr. Trump himself noted it is very likely that if he had approached Congress for approval it would have taken quite a while to get that approval if that were going to happen at all.  Of course, the major worry is a D.C. establishment that leaks like a sieve.  The General would have never been removed. 


There is no greater example of the swamp than this reaction of the D.C establishment to Donald Trump’s foreign policy moves.  The President has not followed the establishment’s policy regarding the Middle East.  That policy has been to appease the dictators in the Middle East and see if we can either talk them into an agreement or pay them to come to an agreement as Mr. Obama did.  That policy of appeasement has been in place since Jimmy Carter.  No President made the terrorists in the Middle East pay for all of the attacks and murders on Americans. 


Donald Trump sees things differently.  He will not tolerate Americans being killed and he is loath to pay the bills for all of these other countries.  When he says Make America Great Again he apparently means it. 


Now, the leftists who inhabit the swamp are convinced that the President is going to lead us into a war with Iran.  Frankly, that is doubtful.  Iran is having major problems because of its repression of the Iranian people.  The regime is spending so much money on starting trouble in other Middle East countries that its own people are suffering.  Add to that the sanctions put on Iran by the United States. 


This President is saying that we are going to be following a very different path towards Iran than any previous President followed.  The Washington establishment does have a new Sheriff in town.  Maybe they better get smart if they care about the United States.  We’ll see if that is beyond their capabilities.