What To Do About Obamacare!

Well, the dance in Washington has come to an apparent intermission.  It will start up again.  Why will it start again you may ask. In my opinion, the dance will start again in a few weeks when the boys and girls in Washington have to come to fiscal agreements.  And, you may wonder:  who wants the dance.  The Democrats of course want the dance to continue.  They have partners who don’t seem to mind having their feet stepped on all the time.  Who is that you ask.  Why, the Republican old guard of course!

This group of Republicans who have been in Washington too long strike me as the most naïve group of people on the planet.  They apparently believe that this President and the Democrat leaders in the Senate really want to work with them.  At least, that is the message some of them put out to the public.  They also appear to be comfortable with the status quo as long as their lives are not terribly upset.

Get a clue!  This President has no intention of negotiating.  He is not going to give an inch if he can possibly help it.  Since the media is covering for him, he is very comfortable sitting on his principles.

Republicans in Washington for the most part have a very poor message. They appear to be unable to articulate a unified message.  How about zeroing in on the major failings of Obamacare in clear, succinct talking points that could also be used in a television or radio ad?  The majority of the country is very unhappy with Obamacare and as more people learn the true costs of the program, more and more are unhappy.  Republicans should not be talking about fixing the program.  They should highlight the problems everywhere they can.  Isn’t that what Democrats do even with stories that are not true?  Fixing the program opens the possibility that this turkey could be around for a long time.

Why not focus on the fact that the federal government has illegally set up exchanges in 34 states that refused to set up their own exchanges.   The IRS is trying to issue subsidies in those 34 states.  In other words the IRS is trying to spend more than $700 billion without congressional authorization.

Darrell Issa, House Oversight and Government Reform committee chair has been investigating this whole issue for a year.  Why isn’t the Republican Party advertising  these hearings?

Now we are hearing that Democrats want to delay the individual mandate for a year so that the web site can be fixed.  Republicans are moving to delay and work on fixing the web site.  How about a different tack?  The Pundit thinks that Republicans should do nothing to fix Obamacare and that the only way to get rid of this monstrosity is to let it stand.  Let the Democrats, who were the only ones who voted for this, come up with ways to “fix” this thing.  It will have to be in effect, an uprising of the American people to bring this law down.  Patching and taping it will only keep it.  The American people need to rise up and overwhelm Washington.

Now, the $64,000 question.  Do Republicans have the guts to do that and do they know how to play this in a strategic manner?

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  1. ruthvanb says:

    Well done my friend… what is a clue? what is a subsidy? Why not just give the President what he wants… we got the sequester… and he got mad… can’t blame us… oh yeah they did! go figure.. ok.. that is it for me…

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