If My Options Were Better!

I read an article today which in my mind is a clear indication of why Republicans are so often on the losing side.  The article was about a group of Republican Women who have always voted Republican and are now mobilizing to support Hillary Clinton.  They just can’t tolerate Donald Trump.

In the pundit’s opinion this is a perfect picture of what is the matter with the Republican Party.  First of all, let us specify that Donald Trump is not the candidate that Central Casting would send us.  He is brash and often speaks based on his emotion.  That turns some people off and is exactly what other people like.  Those are the facts.

However, let us look at our options.  Let me first of all address the candidacy of Libertarian Gary Johnson.  Many of us might agree with some of his positions.  However, his candidacy has one sure fact about it.  Third parties elect Democrats!  Most of the people who vote Libertarian would usually vote Republican.  Some Republicans will vote for him based on principle.  Unfortunately, this principle will elect Hillary Clinton who has no principles expect her own advancement.

The major option in the room is Hillary Clinton.  Unless you are totally unaware of what is going on in the country you should have some big questions about Hillary Clinton.  With very little research a person can quickly determine that Hillary Clinton has consistently lied about so many matters that it is hard to list them all.

The continual testimony of all the women that Hillary Clinton has terrorized should kill any idea that having a woman President is just what the country needs.  It really does make a difference which woman is elected.  Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir.

Hillary Clinton dismissed the death of four Americans in Libya asking what difference it made as to how they died.  She lied to the parents of the dead Americans about who was responsible for the deaths all the while knowing that it had been a terrorist attack.

Her record as Senator from New York was not outstanding.  She voted for the Iraq War but now says it was a mistake.  Of course, she blames George Bush for her vote.

Hillary Clinton was a Saul Alinsky acolyte.  In fact, he offered her a job.  She is as far left as Barack Obama and is dedicated to the belief that the government should be in charge of just about everything.  She has been good at hiding her more radical beliefs.

Last of all, how can these women ignore what she did as part of the Clinton Foundation? The Clinton Foundation accepted money from multiple countries that adhere to Sharia Law and persecute Christians, Jews, women and gays.  This was done while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  Huge fees were charged by Bill Clinton for making speeches.  After leaving office as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has charged in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for 20 minute speeches.  She has refused to release the transcript of those speeches.

Any Republican who votes for Hillary Clinton is very confused.  They will help to further the demise of the Republican Party and the country.

Utopia versus Dystopia

The definition of utopia is the blueprint for an ideal society with no crime or poverty. A dystopia is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening.  Dystopia is the direct opposite of utopia and is a term used to describe a utopian society in which things have gone wrong.  Utopias and dystopias share characteristics of science fiction and fantasy.  Both are usually set in the future where technology has helped to create perfect living conditions.

The current crop of movies and television programs have many situations which present dystopic societies where war is constant and some brave leader takes on the forces of evil. The forces of evil are larger than life with incredible power and present an almost insurmountable challenge for the hero or heroine.

In these programs ordinary life as we know it is virtually impossible.  There is always strife and grief.  Everyone looks to one man or woman to save them.  There is rarely a mention of God or any supernatural power.  Everything is focused on the human leader who is talented and brave above all others.

These presentations in our “entertainment” world constantly further the premise that disaster is about to happen to us and we are constantly under siege.  We are just supposed to get used to such a life.

The irony of this scenario is that as more and more terrorist attacks take place in the United States, we find ourselves developing a siege mentality.  We are on the lookout.  Contrary to what the President and Attorney General preach, more and more people are arming themselves.  Citizens are on edge.  They are on guard with good reason.  Dystopia is on the way.

The tragedy of this presentation of life and of the future is that so much of it is tied to the theory of global warming.  Progressives and liberals have fed citizens, especially young people, the unproven concept of global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuel.  These are people who remind me of the Old Testament story when the people built the Tower of Babel so that they could reach God.  God rewarded their arrogance by making it impossible for them to understand each other since suddenly they were all speaking different languages. They actually thought that they could build a tower that would bring them up to God.

So today, mankind is going to control the climate.  Now, there are no objections to a clean environment.  But, controlling the climate is a very different matter.  The little known fact that is not talked about is that certain people are making a great deal of money off of the global warming and climate change song and dance.  A prime example is Al Gore who has become very rich utilizing the whole business of carbon credits under the guise of saving the planet.

While the “civilized” world is talking about climate change ad infinitum, the radical fanatics who want to kill us are busy planning and plotting.  I guess if we are all dead, climate change won’t really matter.

Did You Ever Think This Election Could Be Boring?

Well, the Pundit has been busy.  One thing however, that has not occupied my time, is watching the cable channels cover all this election hoopla.  I have basically stopped watching Fox News and had never spent any time with CNN.  I can’t tolerate endless hours of talking heads discussing possible candidates, their ups and their downs, election results and what did Donald Trump say today.

This whole election season has been full of talking heads making predictions, betting on which candidates are moving forward and of course, having Donald Trump on because he helps the ratings.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, Barack Obama continues on with his agenda to bring this country down to the level of every other country that is mediocre and just plugging along.

How much time is the mainstream and conservative media spending on what is going on in Washington D.C?  We are losing our freedom with the constant growth of the bureaucracy.
Barack Obama is pushing HUD to move people who cannot afford to live in middle class or upper class neighborhoods to locate them in those neighborhoods.  If communities don’t comply, they face the possibility of losing federal funds.

How about the latest bathroom gambit?  Now, Barack Obama has declared that there are no physical differences that have to be acknowledged.  So, if I look like a guy and have all of those body parts I can still go into a woman’s bathroom and locker room saying that I self identify as a woman.  That might be true for a very small percentage of the population, but it opens the door for all kinds of people who see this as their opportunity to get into areas which they normally could not get into.

What is the real reason this is happening?  Please don’t say because we need to treat transgender persons equally.  Is it possible that if you look like a girl but self-identify as a boy you could just use the women’s rest room and leave.  Why is it necessary to tell the whole world about this?

The President is attempting to include sexual orientation, gender identity and sex in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  If this move succeeds, the federal government will decide what that means for the future.  The Department of Justice will be able to intervene and prosecute in Federal court any claim that falls under the Civil Rights Act.

By the way, transgendered people have never been denied the right to vote.  They can purchase guns, own property and have always had access to the legal system.  Remember, sexual orientation and gender identity are only determined through self-reporting.

This move of the President’s will also nullify the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act and all state laws guaranteeing religious freedom in relation to sexual orientation or gender identity.  A fact which has been overlooked means that the word “sex” would prohibit religious organizations from segregating based on gender.  This would affect Muslims and Orthodox Jews.  Ironically, this would affect gay bathhouses which are exclusively for men.

Maybe the media could spend some time on this issue instead of just talking about the states that are against this move.  Please: a little less time on the upcoming election and more on issues that directly affect the average citizen.

You can be sure that Malia Obama will never have to deal with this issue in her daily life.

Where is God?

It cannot be denied that God has been pushed out of our daily life as much as possible. He has been pushed out of the schools and there are constant law suits about religion in the public life.  Well, is everybody happy and content without him?

There is something going on in the country having to do with the elimination of God and spiritual guidelines from our national life.  Have you wondered about all these movies and TV shows about outlandish creatures, powerful leaders and epic battles between good and evil?  There is always a war going on.  The entire world appears to be involved in these battles.  Often, the fighters are led by young, beautiful women who can take on any opponent no matter how terrible.

Peace and families living a “normal” life are nowhere to be seen.  Everyone is looking for a leader who will vanquish the horrible, bizarre enemies battling the good people.

Where did this scenario come from?  Entertainment has always highlighted the battle between good and evil.  Much of literature and ultimately movies, radio and television has been about the conflict between good people challenged by evil people or good people who are tested with difficult situations.  But in today’s entertainment the forces of evil are weird, completely evil and committed to killing all who cross their path.

It is a fact that many younger people have had little or no religious training that provides a philosophical foundation for life and life’s challenges.  Some people would say that is great because who needs myths and stories about God.  Life is here and now and there is no need to get worried about an after life or religious principles as a guide to live by.

Could it be that there is an innate need in human beings to acknowledge a Creator and something greater beyond themselves?  Without belief and a structure to turn to the need for something greater than themselves manifests itself in other ways.

Consequently, we have extravagant, out of reality entertainment.  The battle between good and evil becomes other worldly.  Strange creatures are defeated after horrific battles.  Does it remind one of the battle between heaven and hell.  You just can’t ignore God.  He will always show up in some way.

What is the Real Cause of Republican Disarray

We have heard a great deal in the past few years about the Republican establishment.  They have let Barack Obama do what he wants and may have also been in agreement with much of what he has done.  They are held responsible for not stopping much of the leftist agenda.  I would have to agree that they share a great deal of the responsibility for the situation the country finds itself in.

However, I firmly believe that there is another very important reason for the mess the Republican Party finds itself in.  All of the Republicans who decided that politics was unpleasant and took valuable time abrogated their responsibility as citizens and just withdrew from the playing field.  They weren’t into politics so they stopped voting or became decline to state or independent voters.  They left a vacuum.

Guess what?  Nature does not tolerate vacuums.  Neither does the political system.  The vacuum was filled by Democrats and Liberals who were committed to their goal of government control and somehow or other could find the time.  They got on the boards, the city councils, the state legislative offices and became the opinion writers and reporters in the media.  They became the very obnoxious and rude people everywhere justifying their behavior because they “are saving the planet.”

How did Republicans and conservatives respond?  Most of them hid.  They could not deal with the unpleasantness.  The further they retreated, the bolder the left became.  Progressives who want to fix everything went wild.  Of course, when Progressives start fixing everything they insist that everybody follows their rules.

Now suddenly, we have Donald Trump who does not play by the conventional political rules. People are flocking to him because he is not politically correct.  He is not intimidated by the Left.  Many politicians in the country cannot believe it.  They don’t know how to shut him up.

If Republicans really knew the foundational principles of the Party as expressed by Abraham Lincoln, possibly they might have worked harder to get their message out.  Lincoln, major founder of the Republican Party, stated those principles thus:

A devotion to “the last, best hope of earth” and the Constitution which made it possible.  The Republican cause, as Abraham Lincoln said, was “a struggle for maintaining in the world, that form and substance of government, whose leading object is to elevate the condition of men – to lift artificial weights from all shoulders – to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all – to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race of life.  As Lincoln expressed in the Gettysburg Address, dedication to this “great task remaining before us, was the core ideology of the Republican Party.  It should be that ideology today.

Dedication to these principles should underlay every move a Republican leader makes.  It should also be what the Republican voter is constantly espousing.

We Need Real Candidates

It has been a while since the Pundit has written thoughts down. Part of the reason is that the Pundit has been very busy. The other part is that the national scene and the world is frankly

On the national scene we have the Democrats managing to have two candidates who might well enter a rest home at any moment. Now, that is not meant to be a shot at older people who often have great wisdom and experience that younger people should pay attention to. It is because the two Democrat candidates personify the words old and tired.

Hillary Clinton reminds me of a defendant in court who has every story to tell except the truth. Circumventing and/or ignoring difficult questions, she is like a bicycle going in circles and getting no where. But the silly, abortion focused older women love her.

The thought of listening to Bernie Sanders for four years makes me think that emigration to Mongolia might be just fine. He also wants the government to pay for everything. Our
younger people, who have received abominable education in history and economics, think this is a great idea. By the way, Bernie is not broke.

On the Republican side we have too many candidates touting their experience and qualifications while ignoring any in depth discussion of the monumental problems Barack
Obama will leave the country with including very tenuous national security.

Donald Trump has struck a cord with the grass roots regarding many of the burning issues that too many elected officials have ignored. One or two other candidates have also spoken about these issues. However, too many of the candidates are unable to articulate what a real Republican should be supporting and espousing.

The Republican “establishment” still does not get it. The people who make the country work don’t want bipartisanship. They want the bureaucratic, government expanding ruling class stopped. They do not want to cooperate with them. Every time I have heard about reaching across the aisle, I am reminded that any Republican who does that pulls back a bloody stump.

The question that so many Americans ask is: How stupid can you be? Did you think that election to office improved your I.Q.? Can you be bought that easily?

It is time for all Americans to get involved. Otherwise the crazies and the conniving will continue to run the institution.

Same Old, Same Old

Were you expecting something different in Washington?  Oh dear.  Poor you! The Republican House went right along with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and gave away the store.  They supposedly got some concessions from the Dems.  Ha!  The Democrats were all very happy with the omnibus bill.  The concessions must not have been too upsetting for them.

Then, we come to Paul Ryan.  What a sham!  The pundit never believed the kabuki dance he was doing when he was asked to be Speaker and moaned and moaned about not wanting to be away from his family on weekends and how he just wanted to be the Chair of the budget committee.  Give me a break.  He played hard to get and everyone begged him to take the job.  He was so reticent.  I never believed it for a moment.  He basically killed
any competition.  Very clever.

Now, of course Mr. Ryan is smoother than Mr. Boehner.  The conservative members of the House are happy that they get to talk and Mr. Ryan apparently listens.  Nonetheless, 95 Republicans voted against the omnibus bill.

Over a trillion dollars has been added to our national debt.  But, a whole bunch of programs have been funded by the federal government.

Republicans in Washington are certainly not operating on the principles of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.  They are cowering in the corner scared to death that the government might shut down.  Consequently, they are very busy not upsetting Democrats.  They have not gotten the message that Republicans throughout the country are not concerned with the government being shut down.  The Republican base wants certain laws not to be passed by the federal government.  They want the agreement mode that is destroying our country in Washington to stop.

Many people may not know that when the government is “shut down” most federal workers continue working and they do not lose any pay.  There is no need to feel sorry for federal workers.  They are not losing anything.  In fact, many of them get time off and still get paid.

When will national Republicans develop a back bone and stop worrying about what the press and the Democrats say about them?  I have come to the conclusion that many of them have linguine where a spine should be.  Their reaction to Donald Trump also indicates that they have mush for brains.  They still have problems understanding why he has such a following.  Maybe they need to get out in the country and speak to the grassroots.

Oh, one last word on Mr. Ryan.  He has not supported a border fence and a real stop to illegal immigration.  However, he did pay to have a fence built around his house in Wisconsin.  It appears that a fence works for him.

How Stupid Can We Be?

The tragic shooting in Oregon this past week has reignited the political argument over gun control. The President led the way with his comments about the situation. Pundits on television and radio have weighed in.

The Barefoot Pundit has one question. How stupid are gun control advocates? Their arguments absolutely have no connection to reality.

A prime example is the college in Oregon. It is a gun free zone. That sounds so good. It sounds so safe. To bad that the guy with the gun paid no attention. Maybe he couldn’t read. Maybe he was looking for gun free zones. It is apparent that such zones meant nothing to him. In fact, such a zone was probably a magnet.

Why do some people think that persons who have mental problems, are alienated from society or are just mad at the world would pay attention to gun free zones and follow the rules?

We have sheriffs throughout the country who refuse to give concealed carry permits to qualified citizens who know how to use firearms. It should be remembered that almost every incident of gun violence was ultimately stopped by someone who had a gun or by a police officer.

The fact that needs to be confronted is the lack of facilities and care for people with significant mental health issues. Currently, if a person does not want treatment they do not have to have treatment. Therefore, there are some very disturbed people walking around free. Now, I am not advocating that a police state is formed for people with mental health issues. However, there needs to be a way to get help to them.

A start would be for people such as teachers or medical personnel who notice strange behavior to contact parents or authorities if the behavior is bizarre. Most people with homicidal intentions do give warnings even if remote. As a nation, we are in many situations ready to tolerate all kinds of statements and behavior in the name of freedom. We do not want to be seen as judgmental.

Another tactic that could be implemented is for schools to train children on what to do in case of an emergency such as an attack. We already do that in preparation for a fire emergency. In today’s society, children need to be aware of options in case of danger.

Restricting the rights of citizens to own firearms is just another step in restricting the freedom of Americans.

What is the Trump Card?

It has been a while since the Pundit opined. Other activities have taken precedence but now is the time to return to the punditry world.

Donald Trump is on the scene. He is an interesting man to watch. He is flamboyant, bombastic and ready to fight. The Donald does not let any insults pass him by. He will respond and he does not respond a la Casper Milquetoast. The political class is not prepared for someone like this. They seek acquiescence.

The entire Donald episodes of the past month reveal a real weakness in the Republican ranks. Many conservative writers and pundits are having a fit about the Donald. But, in typical stupid Republican and conservative moves, these writers blast the grass roots that are supporting Trump. Do they not understand? Trump has struck a nerve in so many Americans who are tired of being ignored, taxed to give benefits to people who are in the country illegally and generally treated as non-entities.

The Republican establishment in Washington D.C. certainly does not understand the anger that exists in the country. When congressional approval is below 10% legislators better start paying attention. Trump is saying many of the things that the grass roots thinks and feels. Believe it or not, establishment, this is going to translate into results you will not be happy with.

So far, only one or two Republican candidates for President have been smart enough to know how to respond to the Donald. Ted Cruz appears to understand why Trump is striking a chord throughout the country. Ben Carson does not waste his energy going after other Republicans. Other candidates have called Trump all kinds of names and denigrated his supporters. I repeat:  HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET?

Donald Trump will have to stand on his own and manage his own campaign. All the other candidates should do the same. Giving response time to Trump is a big mistake. Candidates should be promulgating their own campaign and positions. Mr. Trump will have to present his solutions and his campaign should stand on that.

When are Republicans going to learn? Democrats never criticize other Democrats. They do not believe in taking some principled stand during a campaign against another Democrat. Is that because they have no principles? More likely, it is because they are intent on winning so they can push their principles when they win. As the folly continues, the country is further and further into the abyss.

Whose Flag Was It?

Since the murders in South Carolina last week of black church goers by a person who appears to not be operating on all cylinders, the national discussion has turned to the Confederate flag and what it represented. Somehow or other the implied or overt comments suggest that the Confederate flag is a problem for Republicans.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Republicans actually knew how to fight instead of just eating their own? They have the perfect argument to make regarding the whole civil rights situation.

It is time for the GOP to start teaching a little history. The Republican Party was founded to abolish slavery. The Civil War was started by Southerners who felt that their position on states rights versus the federal government gave them the right to own slaves. It was fought by Southerners who believed that they had the right to own another human being. These Southerners were all Democrats. After the Civil War when Andrew Johnson did not support the reconstruction of the South, Democrats throughout the South eliminated the voting rights of Blacks and of most Republicans.

In order to keep the Black population in check, the Ku Klux Klan was founded by six former Confederate soldiers. The Klan terrorized the Black population for more than a century. These Klan members were primarily Democrats.

When Democrat Woodrow Wilson became President in 1913 he segregated the Federal Civil Service System which had not been segregated. Black citizens knew that it was very difficult to get work in the Federal Government. In fact, black postal clerks had screens put in front of them so that customers would not see them.

The 1915 movie Birth of a Nation, which is an incredibly racist film portraying Blacks attacking white women and killing people, was screened in the White House by Woodrow Wilson who declared it to be a wonderful movie.

The Confederate flag flew throughout the South on state property because Democrat governors, including Bill Clinton in Arkansas, authorized the flag to be flown. No Republican Governor ever authorized the Confederate flag to be flown.

Senator Robert Byrd was a high ranking member of the Klan. He was a leader in the U.S. Senate and revered by all Democrats, especially Bill Clinton who had nothing but praise for Byrd when he died.

Finally, if you want to talk about civil rights, the greatest civil right is the right to be alive. Margaret Sanger, who is portrayed by the left, especially women on the left, as a great person, wrote about birth control services so that the black population could be severely limited if in fact eliminated. Even today, the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are in poorer and inner city black neighborhoods. Hillary Clinton was given the Sanger award in 2009.

When are Republicans going to stop taking this talk about being racist and against blacks and other minorities? When are Republican office holders and leaders going to challenge the statements that the left constantly makes? Inaction means that racism continues because the focus is on the opponent and not the issue at hand.

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